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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, March 11, 1936

Finance Ministry



Dear Robert.

MauthnerLászló (Ladislaus) Mautner (active 1926–1939), a Hungarian art dealer in Budapest who today is infamous as a dealer of faked art works.—owner of the objects you saw in Fettich’s room—has just been here. A long story, which I’ll spare you, amounting to this. Last price for the two peacocks’ headsBZ.1936.27–28. and the bead,BZ.1936.29. P. 5,500.

for the braceletBZ.1936.30. 4,500.


I don’t think the things are dear at this price, given the exchange rate. I don’t care so frightfully about the bracelet, but I think that, in your place, I’d fall for the others at P. 5,500. Let me know, please.

I enclose the letter about the carpet.This carpet has not been identified. Very interesting that PlochniekyPlochnieky has not been identified. has been identified. The carpet isn’t terribly attractive to me—though a pleasant affair.

Fondest love to Mildred.


R. T.

It looks to me as if the European situation were going to straighten out without a major row.

Associated Artworks: BZ.1936.27-28; BZ.1936.29; BZ.1936.30