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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 12, 1931

Hotel Sacher

I’m cabling you, dearest Mildred ‘DreyProbably Paul Drey (1885–1953), a senior partner of the Paul Drey Gallery, New York, founded in 1920. bringing BurnsWalter Spencer Morgan Burns (1891–1929), British art collector and financier, was a nephew of J. Pierpont Morgan and a partner in his firm, J. P. Morgan & Co., as of December 31, 1897. enamel Paris April 25 understand 15000 please cable instructions Paris before then Tyler.’See telegram of April 13, 1931.

This is following on a cable I got from Hayford on arriving here just now saying that he has abandoned his designs on the Burns enamel, on my advice. This to explain my letter from Warsaw yesterday, written before I knew Hayford was abandoning.See letter of April 11, 1931.

Of course I haven’t seen the Burns enamel, but from Hayford’s feelings about it, and Eric Maclagan’s description, it would appear to be the goods, all right.

Elisina will make sure that Drey is in Paris when I get back, about Apr. 25—but you’ll hear what happens, by cable, if you want to try for it, before this reaches you.

Much love

R. T.

Associated Places: Vienna [Wien] (Austria)
Associated Artworks: BZ.1936.20