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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, August 12, 1947

Aug. 12, 1947.


M. Royal [sic] Tyler

Hotel Richemond

Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Royal [sic]:

We were glad to receive your letter of July 28 (which arrived August 2nd). It is disappointing that you cannot accompany us to Istanbul, but we quite understand the reasons why you feel it inadvisable to absent yourself at this particular time from your new headquarters.

Since my last to you, it has been necessary to alter our plans very considerably because of an acute reaction which Mildred had to the cholera inoculation. It completely knocked her out for two weeks. So we are remaining on here until September 2nd, thence to Washington for a few days and we sail on the “Queen Mary”RMS Queen Mary, an ocean liner that sailed primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean between 1936 and 1967 for the Cunard Line (known as Cunard-White Star Line when the vessel entered service). September 11, which presumably will bring us to London on the 16th of that month, where we remain to the end of September.

The enclosed tentative itineraryA copy of this itinerary was not retained. will show you what we have planned, from this distance, to endeavor to do during our European stay. You will note that it is a considerable change from our original plan, as we shall not go to Paris until the middle of November. On account of the convenience of the people with whom we shall stay in Stockholm, we have to be there in October, and both Mildred and I feel that we shall be glad to do that at the beginning of our trip so as not to be there in too cold weather, which is also true of our London visit.

I have gone nearly crazy working over airmail time tables and revamping and changing, and then finding out that the European time tables have been altered, and trying to fit our plans to the days on which planes leave—I am fit to be tied!

Another disappointment in making these changes is that we shall not see Bill before he departs for his hurried European trip, and I am afraid that we shall miss him all round.

What you have been kind enough to write about the weather in Constantinople is one reason for going there direct from London.

Do send us a line on receipt of this letter, so that we may know that you are acquainted with the new plans.

This carries a great deal of love from us both.

Yours always,


Associated Places: Geneva [Genève] (Switzerland)