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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, February 12, 1929 [1]

Ministry of Finance,

This morning comes a wire from Malye,Thérèse Malye (1886–1951), Mildred Barnes Bliss’s social secretary in Paris. dearest Mildred, ainsi conçu: ‘Priere télégraphier Bliss Santabarbara votre opinion sur plats byzantinesSee letters of February 5, 1929; February 9, 1929; February 16, 1929; February 28, 1929 [2]; March 11, 1929; March 27, 1929; and December 26, 1929. de Mallon réponse urgente. Malye.’“Which reads as follows: ‘Please telegraph Bliss [in] Santa Barbara your opinion of the Byzantine dishes of Mallon. Response urgent. Malye.’”

Inclosed [sic], a copy of the wireSee cable of February 12, 1929 [2]. which I trust you have long since received.

It looks to me, after Elisina’s talk with Koechlin, as if an attempt were being made to jump you, or alternately to jump the Louvre. We’ll soon see.

Yours, with much love.
R. T.

Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)