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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, March 12, 1952

March 12, 1952

Monsieur Royall Tyler

55 Avenue Foch

Paris, France

Dear Royall:

The enclosed letterThe whereabouts of this letter are unknown. from Stive [sic] ChanlerLewis Stuyvesant Chanler Jr. (1869–1963), president of the Knickerbocker Club between 1949 and 1960. speaks for itself. I am glad to welcome you as a fellow member of the Knickerbocker!The Knickerbocker Club, a gentlemen’s club in New York that was founded in 1871 and has been located at 2 East 62nd Street since 1913. A week ago Saturday (March 23rd),Robert Woods Bliss likely meant February 23. Mildred brought me here,The resort has not been identified. remaining for a week to get a little rest herself. Then she took a week in Washington and only returned yesterday evening, coming by motor with, I regret to say, an accident en route which resulted in only a sprained ankle, praise God. It might have been very serious, but she escaped with nothing worse than that and the car was not too badly damaged. It all came about very unexpectedly, of course, and swiftly, due to a very slippery roadway in a hard rain moving at a snail’s pace. We go back to Washington on the 18th to be there right along now until—quien sabe?“Who knows?” This enforced visit to this resort is to convalesce from a repeat performance with the surgeonsThe nature of this surgery is unknown. of the first opening siege in Santa Barbara in July, 1950. I am furious at the loss of time it has entailed because after the usual throes of Christmas and New Year, I have had no time to myself. All is well but I do not know when I am going to remedy so many dissipated (not dissipation) weeks.

For a time I toyed with the idea of going to Paris the beginning of next month to take personally the several objects from the pre-Columbian collectionThese objects included PC.B.003, PC.B.014, PC.B.035, PC.B.039, PC.B.071, PC.B.079, PC.B.100, and PC.B.101. which I am lending the Mexican Government for the exhibition of Mexican Art from ancient times to the present day, which is to be shown at the Musee de l’art Moderne in Paris opening May 9th.Art mexicain du précolombien à nos jours, Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris, May 9–July 20, 1952, organized by Fernando Gamboa. I have had to abandon that project but we shall surely turn up in Paris in time to see the exhibition, which closes July 20, as there will be many objects from museums and private collections which I shall want to see. Of course you and Bill will have a look at it and if you could find a moment after looking at the pre-Columbian material, I should be grateful for your opinion of what is on display.

Mildred joins in much love to you and Elesina [sic] and to Betbil.The Bliss abbreviation for Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler.

Yours ever


& she adds that she eagerly awaits a message that you are coming back soon.

Associated People: William Royall Tyler
Associated Places: Paris (France)