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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 13, 1914


April 13th 1914Monday.

Dearest Mildred,

I had lived with a qualm since Thursday evening, when I imagined you to be leaving Paris without the possibility of hearing a word of thanks from me for your kind telegram from London. Then Royall returned from the Quai d’Orsay on Saturday with the news that you had not yet gone. I can only say that on Thursday I hadn’t a moment to write, and that I had left it till Thursday because I supposed you to be too busy in London to want to be bothered with letters. But now you are back I hope I shall see you soon and receive my absolution, in a becoming paschal mood of contrition and elation discreetly blended.

I think you heard of our disappointment last week. We haven’t yet heard from Eric Maclagan whether he will or will not be able to be present to give evidence. The case is expected to come on about the 23rd. I hope Eric will do it, as he has the exact sort of evidence to give which we would like. If Howard is substituted to him, Paris or Genay will have to be mentioned, and it is a nuisance.

Good-bye, dearest Mildred, and à bientôt.“See you soon.”

One day next week I should love you to come to tea to meet my cousin. Donna Federiga Aloisi-de Larderel.Maria Federiga de Larderel Aloisi, the wife of Pompeo Aloisi (1875–1949), an Italian diplomat and senator. She has been exceedingly nice to us both, and I wish I had written to her first instead of letting her seek me out. I seem to hear the reproach “O ye of little faith,” and I don’t feel proud.

My best love to Robert, and Royall’s, and William’s. And my very bestest to you.

Yours ever


Associated People: Eric Maclagan; Lyulph Howard
Associated Places: Paris (France)