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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, July 13, 1938

League of Nations


I wrote you a long letterLetter of July 10, 1938. from Antigny of the 10th, dearest Mildred. After 3 days’ observation of Elisina,Elisina Tyler had suffered “apolplexy,” probably a stroke, in May 1938. See also letters of June 18, 1938June 28, 1938July 2, 1938July 10, 1938; and July 29, 1938. my impressions are rather less good than they were at first: she tires terribly easily, and the slightest thing upsets her—no wonder. Unhappily, the nuisances connected with Edith’s estate (even including St. Brice) are still cropping up, with more and more expenses that have to be met, and tho’ I take all I can off her shoulders, there are things about which she has to be asked, and for which she has to give signatures, I hope they’re over now, or the bulk of them, but there was a fine crop of new ones only yesterday, happily turning up while I was there and was able to dispose of them. I’m returning next week-end, but I can’t take any consecutive leave until second half of August.

And now I get the enclo:The enclosure has not been located. from Gioia. It’s a bolt from the blue, as Bill seemed very well when I saw him just before I sailed. Gioia’s judgment isn’t always to be trusted, but Tommy is usually very sensible.

Happily, there’s also a card from Bill saying that Sachs arrives in London the 15th—the day after tomorrow. If that comes off, I’m sure all will be well.William Royall Tyler was interested in enrolling in the museum studies program at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. The doctors all say Bill can work normal hours without any danger. It’s these killing after-hours in that sweat-shop they call the Guar. Tr.Guarantee Trust. that are too much for him.

Dearest Mildred, forgive me for inflicting this upon you, but it’s such a temptation. And I must consider what to do if the Fogg Combine fails. Babie (Gioia) doesn’t know anything about the Fogg idea, of course.

Love to Robert, and a big big hug to you—dearest person.

R. T.