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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, March 13, 1933


Your wire has just reached me, dearest Mildred. Very many thanks. I hope ardently that I shall be able to arrange it—but of course I can’t be sure, things here being unsettled.

Please, as soon as you get this, cable me the date you expect to arrive in Washington. The Fin. Ctte.On October 25, 1920, the League of Nations had appointed an Advisory Economic and Financial Committee composed of two sections of ten members each and tasked with “the working out of measures of an economic and financial nature which have been submitted for adoption by Members of the League in accordance with the Covenant of the League.” meets on April 24, and I might sail about May 1—but, as I can’t in any case stay more than a fortnight or so in USA, I don’t want to get there before you do, or not more than a few days before.

Elisina and Bill are in Rome for part of his Easter Vac., after which he is going to Vienna for 10 days to study the Nat. Bank position there. The adviserMaurice Frère (1890–1970), a Belgian civil servant and economist. He became a director in the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs at the end of the First World War and then served as a director in the Reparation Commission, as economic counselor in the Berlin Transfer Committee under the Dawes Plan, as financial counselor in the Belgian Legation in Berlin, and, from 1932 to 1937, as League of Nations counselor at the Austrian National Bank in Vienna. Later, in 1944, he became the governor of the National Bank of Belgium, where he remained until 1957. is a great friend of mine, and has kindly offered to show the whole thing to Bill, which is a marvellous opportunity, as there probably never has been a place where so many different aspects of central banking problems could be studied to such advantage as in Vienna today. Here, we’re too much immobilised, and haven’t ventured to attempt the experiments which the Austrians have tried, with remarkable success, given the circumstances.

Everything is jet black—except for the prospect of seeing you. Pray God it comes off. By the way, I haven’t your Washington address—but I’ll get it from Malye.Thérèse Malye (1886–1951), Mildred Barnes Bliss’s Parisian secretary. The Librairie de France are going on printing our Vol. IIL’art byzantin.—the only sign of confidence in the future I’ve I seen for I don’t know how long. Touching, isn’t it? Love and blessings, dearest Mildred.

R. T.

Associated People: Elisina Tyler; William Royall Tyler
Associated Things: L'art byzantin