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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, October 13, 1929

29, Rue d’Astorg

I’ve just given a letter to you to Pierre Denis,Pierre Denis (1883–1951), a French diplomat, banker, and author who assisted Daniel Serruys in the drafting of various economic clauses in the Versailles Treaty after the First World War. This led to a brief diplomatic career where he spent seven years as assistant secretary to the Reparation Committee at the League of Nations secretariat. In 1926, he became an employee of the Paris branch of the New York-based Blair Bank. By 1929, he was the author of several books, including La République Argentine: La mise en valeur du pays (Paris: Armand Colin, 1920), which was published in English as The Argentine Republic, Its Development and Progress (London: T. F. Unwin Ltd., 1922). who is going out to B-A,“Buenos Aires.” dearest Mildred.

Denis is a banker at present, with Blairs. He was with Salter for years at Geneva, and Salter loves him. He is a French protestant saint, and to see him with Blair & Co is worth the price of admission. He’s an universitaire,“Academic.” really, a son of the celebrated Slavophile Denis.Ernest Denis (1849–1921), a French historian with a specialty in Germany and Bohemia. He played an important role in the founding of the Czechoslovak state in 1918. At his death, Czechoslovakia bought his Paris home on the rue Michelet in order to install the Institut d’Études Slaves.

Though my pets are Hunkies, and his are Czechos, I love Denis, and so I think would you if you knew him.

Bless you
R. T.

Associated People: Arthur Salter