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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 13, 1934


Par Arnay-le-Duc

(Côte d’Or)


Dear Robert.

I’ve just had yours of Aug. 28th, forwarded to Pest—whither I am returning tomorrow.

I’m delighted to hear you are so much pleased with the Sangiorgi lion-tamer silk.BZ.1934.1.

It is interesting that Mallon should have produced another fragmentBZ.1934.2. so like your Nereids tapestry.BZ.1932.1. I don’t think it is a piece of yours, or that you can fit it on,The two fragments seemingly do come from the same textile, as their colors and thread counts are the same. but it certainly is identical in style (& colour?).

Yes, I know, that miserable coquille “laine et or”.“Wool and gold.” See letter of August 28, 1934. It was, of course “lapis et or”,“Lapis lazuli and gold.” & I don’t know how the error occurred. I had hoped you wouldn’t notice it—but fondly.

I’m much amused to hear that A. Seligmann’s Mr. BykPaul M. Byk (1887–1946), an employee of Arnold Seligmann, Rey and Co., New York. thinks the diptychBZ.1935.4.a–b. I saw the other day might be had for 500,000 “or less”—as against Stora 300,000.

A little bird has told me that this object has been brought to the Paris dealers by the husband of a ladyPossibly the husband of Maria Antonietta Lazzarini, who was forty years old in 1938. She shot Luigi Alberico Trivulzio dead on November 9, 1938, reportedly after he had broken off a fifteen-year affair with her. See “Italian Prince Slain; Woman, Accused, Says Luigi Alberico Trivulzio Abandoned Her,” New York Times, November 9, 1938. in whom the original owner takes a deep interest.

You’ll have seen the letterSee letter of September 5, 1934. I wrote Mildred about Gourko’s lampThis lamp has not been identified. In a letter to Robert Woods Bliss dated August 7, 1934, Dimitri de Gourko describes the Byzantine lamp as bronze, fifth century, and recently found in Constantinople near the Hippodrome. The price asked was 25,000 francs. Byzantine Collection, D. de Gourko correspondence file. & ring.BZ.1934.3.

Bill & Betsy should be landing in N.Y. just about now.

Your ever

R. T.

Don’t think it was an imposition going to see Gourko’s things. I love doing it—& I won’t pretend I don’t love doing it for its own sake, as well as yours. Love to Mildred from us both, & to you.