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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, July 14, 1938

League of Nations


Dear Robert.

I’ve just heard from Bill about his first talk with Sachs,William Royall Tyler was interested in enrolling in the museum studies program at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. and I want at once to tell you how grateful I am for your intervention. You’ll have seen the letter I wrote to Mildred on the 12th inst.,Probably letter of July 13, 1938. and realize how marvelously timely this new prospect is.

Of course I could wish that the matter might be settled at once, & Bill leave the Bank and go straight to Antigny, which would set him up in a very short time, and would also be a God-send to Elisina. But I also realize that Sachs shouldn’t want to make a firm offer without consulting Forbes. If that could be done before Sachs returns it would be a mercy—but on the other hand I don’t want an appeal to be based on Bill’s health, for obvious reasons.

Well, anyway, it’s much that Sachs should have gone as far as he has.

Love to you both


R. T.


The more I think about Kelek’s prices for the glass ewerThis molded blue glass ewer has not been identified. and the Copto-Byz. faience objectBZ.1939.31. I saw in Paris, the more horrified I am.

You’ll consider whether it wouldn’t be better to let the old man simmer a bit, & then perhaps make him an offer on a much more reasonable scale: a fraction of what he asks. The two are good objects, unique objects, even, but I should have thought that $25000 for the two would be a stiff price, and that at $15000 for the two you might reasonably be interested.


R. T.

Associated Artworks: BZ.1939.31