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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, July 14, 1951

July 14, 1951

M. Royall Tyler

55 Avenue Foch

Paris XVI, France

Dear Royall:

Everything is arranged at the Knickerbocker ClubThe Knickerbocker Club, a gentlemen’s club in New York that was founded in 1871 and has been located at 2 East 62nd Street since 1913. where you will find a visitor’s card for two weeks awaiting you on August 1st, at which time there will also be a room reserved for you.

The bedroom charges have been increased this year and are now $6. $7. and $8 respectively. The corner rooms (of which there are four) are the highest priced. There are two rooms without bath but contiguous to one in the hallway, which are the lower priced rooms. All the others are $7/ a day.

Mildred and I plan to leave here next Tuesday night (the 17th) for Edgartown and shall no doubt be telephoning you shortly after your arrival in New York.

It is the NORTH EAST Airlines that go to Martha’s Vineyard. The line also has a service to New Bedford which is not far from Duxbury, though I imagine the easiest way to reach there would be via Boston. The telephone number of the North East Airlines in New York is HICKORY 6-3600. There is also a ticket office at 37 Wall Street, and one at the Terminal Office Annex on 42nd Street opposite the Grand Central Station.

Jack Thacher landed in New York day before yesterday and arrives in Washington tomorrow. He is having dinner with us and we shall hear all his news, which I am sure will be of much interest. He has not mentioned in his communications to us the Chalandon IvoryBZ.1951.30. so I suppose he is keeping it for a surprise!

With much love from us both to you and Elesina [sic],

Yours ever,


Associated People: John Seymour Thacher
Associated Artworks: BZ.1951.30