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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 15, 1925

par Arnay-le-Duc
(Côte d’Or)

I have just had your wireThe whereabouts of this telegram are not known. repeated from Budapest, dearest Mildred.

Most unhappily, I have got to hurry back to Hungary at the end of this week, as Smith is on his way to the U.S. for a little holiday, and I am in charge, so there’s no chance of our meeting in Paris just now. As to later, I don’t know at all when I shall be able to get away. We’ve got a lot of very difficult business coming on this summer; the CouncilThe League of Nations Council was the executive body that directed the assembly’s business. It began with four permanent members (Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan) and four non-permanent members that were elected by the assembly for a three-year term. meeting in June (in Geneva) will be a critical juncture and one will know better then what is coming.See Zoltán Peterecz, Jeremiah Smith Jr. and Hungary, 1924–1926: The United States, the League of Nations, and the Financial Reconstruction of Hungary (London: Versita, 2013), 164. Peterecz writes: “Smith was a feature of the second League Assembly of the year and he appeared before the Council on June 9. This was the official platform to summarize the first year of reconstruction for all interested. Naturally, the results were known thanks to the monthly reports of Smith; still, such a gathering offered a more prominent stage to get the results of the first year introduced to everyone. He highlighted the most important achievements from the financial point of view. The most spectacular element without any doubt was the fact that the 100 million gold crowns estimated for the deficit for the first year had not been drawn upon and there would be a surplus instead.”

My bit of holiday here with Bill is cut down to a few days, but it’s something to see that little of him. He’s growing so fast and changing. He’s exceedingly happy at Harrow, and doing well, likes the classics in general and loves Horace in particular.

We’ve just this moment heard that Babie is engaged to Tommy Owtram, and we’re deeply happy about it. We’ve known him for 12 years, since he was a freshman at Oxford, and he’s a most thoroughly good fellow, intelligent, alive to everything, with enough money to marry on without anxiety, and a worker (Chancery lawyer). His people are nice and very glad about the engagement.

Much love from Elisina and Bill, and from me, dearest Mildred, to you and Bob.

Yrs. ever
R. T.