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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, January 15, 1913 [2]


January 15th 1913.Wednesday.

Dear Mildred,

In going to the place where they clean and mend my lace this afternoon I saw a beautiful fichuA large square kerchief worn by women in the eighteenth century to fill in the low neckline of a bodice. of old fine embroidery which made me think of you. The people in the shop are trustworthy, respectful and diligent, and I can recommend them. I told them a friend of mine might care to see the piece and they said they would send it to my friend on approval if she cared to telephone or write. I enclose their card and telephone number. The price of it is 300 frcs.

M. Metman head of the Musée des Arts DécoratifsMuseum of Decorative Arts, Paris. is to lunch with us one day next week. He has a European reputation as a ladies’ man! But he is also competent on more specialised lines. If you would care to meet him and can spare us a day, let us arrange it then instead of this week.

My dear, don’t imagine this alternative to be anything but the purest gold of self-sacrifice, and myrrh too. As for the frankincense waft it hitherward too please, as I deserve it.

I have been trying to find some purple buttons and have fallen into extravagance. I’ll tell you when I see you. Paris is horrible. It is nothing or everything. I am not grateful, but I am pleased.

My kindest remembrance and love to you both.


Any day next week except Monday.

Associated People: Louis Metman
Associated Places: Paris (France)