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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, May 15, 1914


May 15th 1914Friday.

Dearest Mildred,

Alas, I have failed. Grant Richards opposes himself most strenuously to any friendly agreement about my seeing the children,Gerard Franklin Grant Richards, Charles (“Carlos”) Geoffrey Grant Richards (1902–1959), Geoffrey Herbert Grant Richards (1906–1983), and Gioia Grant Richards Owtram. and he threatens to withdraw the application for the decree nisi to be made absolute, if I go before the judge to ask for an order of the Court to see them.Elisina Tyler had expressed hope for an "amicable arrangement" in her letter of March 5, 1914.

The advice of the wisest people I have consulted is, that I shall do nothing until the decree has been made absolute, and Royall and I are legally married. I must bow my head for the present. I am coming back to Paris on Sunday.

Dearest Mildred, I know you and Robert will feel for me. My best love to you both, and kindest messages from my sister.

Ever yours—


Associated Places: London (United Kingdom)