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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, May 15, 1939

Postal Telegraph [draft]

May 15: 1939

Tyler Nations Geneva

ZRobert Zahn (1870–1945), a German classical archaeologist and the director of the Antikensammlung, Berlin. He was a specialist in ancient ceramics, glass, and jewelry. See postscript to the letter of March 31, 1939. material specializes history minor arts especially classical early mediaeval jewelry glass rich in photographs unpublished manuscript notes offprints pamphlets impossible estimate quantity or value but WiegandTheodor Wiegand (1864–1936), a German archaeologist. library now being sold HarrassowitzOtto Harrassowitz GmbH, a German book vendor and publisher for academic and research libraries founded by Otto Wilhelm Harrassowitz (1845–1920). See Otto Harrassowitz, Bibliothek Theodor Wiegand, 3 vols. (Leipzig: Otto Harrassowitz, 1938). The three volumes catalogue the Wiegand library: Teil I, Archäologie (Bücher-Katalog 473); Teil II, Orientalische Kunst (Bücher-Katalog 474); and Teil III, Europäische Kunst und Kunstgeschichte (Bücher-Katalog 475). Leipzig might offer analogy Stop Approve investigation Vienna piecesSee letter of May 1, 1939. Overjoyed prospect your arrival. Embassy Royal garden party four thirty June eighth you BetbillThe Bliss abbreviation for Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler. invited Please wire answer.