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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes, September 15, 1904

Birr Castle,Birr Castle, in County Offaly (formerly King’s County), Republic of Ireland, has been the seat of the Parsonses, the earls of Rosse, since 1620.

Kings County,


Dear Mildred.

I arrived this morning at Queenstown and am here. The castleBirr Castle is the work of several periods, having been burnt in 1643 and besieged in 1690. The castle was largely altered in the neo-Gothic style by the 2nd Earl of Rosse in the early 1800s. Royall Tyler apparently mistook these alterations as being of the fourteenth century. is simply adorable, enormous, of I suppose about the 14th century with a moat, drawbridge and peacocks all complete. This afternoon the daughter of the houseLady Muriel Frances Mary Parsons (1876–1927). is going to take me to an Irish fair, which should be amusing.

I had a nice voyage. Excellent bridge morning noon and night and some interesting people. Not very rough, and I was very well. Your little charmThis charm has not been identified. brought me luck. I won about £8 at quite moderate points. I expect to leave soon, as the family are going to Scotland, and I don’t want to miss you on any possible account. I will telegraph you when I know exactly when I arrive in town. I am sorry about your mother.Anna Barnes Bliss was bedridden and under the care of a physician, but her illness was not serious.

Please pay my respects to your family.

Yours sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated People: Anna Barnes Bliss