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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 16, 1950


16 Aug. 50

Dear Robert.

I have just had your letter of the 10th,The whereabouts of this letter are unknown. telling me that you’ll be in Washn, and shaken down, by the 28th. No fear—I won’t come there before then. Are you planning to come to N.Y., by any chance, before Sept. 6?

The same post by which yours came brought me a letter from Bustros,Elias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon. confirming that the objects in questionThe objects acquired from Bustros on August 1 and September 14, 1950, are: BZ.1950.14, BZ.1950.15, BZ.1950.16, BZ.1950.17, BZ.1950.18, BZ.1950.19, BZ.1950.24, BZ.1950.25, BZ.1950.26–27, BZ.1950.28, BZ.1950.29, BZ.1950.30, BZ.1950.31, BZ.1950.32, BZ.1950.33, BZ.1950.34, BZ.1950.35, BZ.1950.36, BZ.1950.37, BZ.1950.38, and BZ.1950.39. had been sent off, and saying he has some more Byz. things.

Much love to you & Mildred, & à bientôt“See you soon.”


R. T.

No change, so far, in the “Liberté”SS Liberté, built in 1929 as the SS Europa for the German Norddeutsche Lloyd line. After the Second World War, the French Compagnie Générale Transatlantique took ownership of the vessel as a replacement for the SS Normandie. The refurbished Liberté made her maiden voyage to New York on August 2, 1950. schedule: due to dock in N.Y. on Aug. 23.

Associated Places: Paris (France)