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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, December 16, 1928


I’ve come down here, dearest Mildred, to spend a few days with my old friend Mrs. Stuart Menteath. It is just 30 years since I first came to this part of the world—and I’m bound to say I don’t feel much older now then I did then, though I fear that such Leichtzinnigkeit [sic]“Light-headedness.” does not auger well. As I told MoltkePossibly Erik Moltke (1901–1984), a runologist, writer, and editor. in your presence, Wenn es dem Esel gut geht, geht er auf’s Eis tanzen.“When the donkey is well, he goes dancing on the ice.”

Geneva was on the whole depressing—especially with the King’s illnessKing George V of England became seriously ill in November 1928 and underwent a lung operation in December. hanging over everything—such a gloomy outlook if he were to die before the General Election, thereby furnishing the people now in power with a plea for a Political Truce, and helping them to create in the country the sentimental Stimmung“Mood.” that might help to bring them back for another term. God avert it!

I hear that Esmé Howard Esmé William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Penrith (1863–1939), a British diplomat who served as ambassador to the United States between 1924 and 1930. is for home.

It is a constant joy to think over those blessed hours in Paris.

With my dearest love

Yours always
R. T.

Css SigrayCountess Sigray (née Harriot Daly) (1880–1950), the wife of Count Antal “Anton” Sigray (1879–1947) of Hungary. (Mrs. Gerard’sMrs. James Watson Gerard (née Mary Daly). sister) is in N.Y. for a month, from the 19th Dec. If you happen to come across her, do have a talk with her. She’s nice.

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