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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, June 16, 1938

June 16, 1938

Dear Royall,

Last evening Mrs. Ogden Reid,Helen Rogers Reid (1882–1970), an American newspaper publisher and wife of Ogden Mills Reid (1882–1947), editor-in-chief of the New York Tribune. In 1924, the Reids bought the New York Herald and merged their two newspapers into the New York Herald-Tribune. the wife of the owner of the New York Herald Tribune and who herself is the Head of the Advertising Department of that daily, dropped in unexpectedly and stayed to dinner with us. We told her about your being in New York and she would like very much to see you. I suggest you call her up at the Herald Tribune office and make a date.

You told me the other night that Bill was born on October 17th, 1910. Are you sure it was not 1911!!

In great haste, but as always



Royall Tyler, Esquire

c/o Mr. Bliss

104 East 68th Street

New York City