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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, March 16, 1914

21, Quai de Bourbon

Paris. IV.

16 March. ‘14Monday.

Dear Robert,

I have been to see Brummer. The other silver vase is the one he had set apart to keep for himself, and it was by a mistake that it went down on the list, as I had never seen it when the list was drawn up. Brummer dictated the list to me, and read out the second vase without thinking, and when we made up the prices—which as I told you were all made up afterwards as best we could in proportion—the second vase remained on the list. Brummer immediately offered to give it up to you; but I did not think that you would necessarily want me to accept it on your behalf, so I merely said I’d tell you. Brummer was perfectly guileless about it, and it is really my fault for not noticing at the time that there were two vases on the list and only one among the objects I had seen.

As for the shell,The shell referred to is unknown. Brummer has been piecing it together again, and will send it round to you.

He showed me a photograph of another big Assyrian relief, of the same size and character as the one you like, but absolutely complete and with wings.Probably Relief with Winged Genius, acquired from Joseph Brummer by Henry Walters (1848–1931) in 1923 and bequeathed to the Walters Art Museum (then Gallery), Baltimore, in 1931, acc. no. 21.8. He asked me not to mention it to anyone, as the thing is still at Bagdad, & might be stopped on the way out. He will have it in 4 months. Ask him to show you the photo. and you will not want to do anything about the present one till you see this new one, which is in such wonderful condition, though in five pieces.


Royall Tyler

Associated People: Joseph Brummer
Associated Places: Paris (France)