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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, March 26, 1948

77 Ch. Elysées Paris


Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your letter of March 22. It must have crossed mine to you of March 22,Letter of March 20, 1948. telling you that, once more, the BankThe International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), established in 1944, became operational in 1946 as the original institution of the World Bank Group. It was a cooperative organization of 188 member nations that originally promoted sustainable development and reconstruction to nations devastated by the Second World War. See letter of June 28, 1947. had bid me cancel my reservation. Now, I’m beginning to think it brings me bad luck to tell you & Bill when I’m sailing. Next time, I think I’ll try not making a sign until I’m aboard the boat.

You must have thought me nuts about the loan to Elisina. I had completely forgotten having credited you with it. Now I remember. But my accounts on that are with papers I have still at the Palais des Nations, GenevaThe Palais des Nations (Palace of Nations), built in Geneva, Switzerland, between 1929 and 1936, served as the headquarters of the League of Nations and as the United Nations office in Switzerland since 1946.—as I still don’t know where the Bank’s European office is going to be. I apologize for the muddle, and will let you know the balance in due course, when we can consider.

I had a phone call from Pss JuritzkaPrincess Juritzka, wife of Antonin Juritzky. See letter of March 22, 1948. yesterday, and agreed I’d call her back next week, when I hope to be a little less rushed than I am just now. As I’m not leaving April 7, there’s not so much hurry. I’ll see how they talk about the objects you mention.

You who are in the happy position of being able to make plans and carry them out, unless you yourself decide to change them, mind you let me know what your programme is going to be for this summer. No trip over here?

Much love to you and Mildred from us both.



Associated People: Elisina Tyler
Associated Places: Paris (France)