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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, November 17, 1937

Finance Ministry


17th November 1937.

Dear Robert,

I wrote to Metman asking him whether he knew anything about opportunities of buying works of art when the Exposition des Chefs-d’Oeuvre de l”art FrançaisChefs-d’oeuvres de l’art français (Paris: Palais National des Arts, 1937). closed on the 25th inst. I have had the enclosed replyThe enclosure was not retained with the letter. from him, which is what I expected.

I am also enclosing a letter from Bill. I am writing to him to make some enquiries from one or two people, museum and other, who have had a long experience of Sothebys, as to giving Wilson of that firm the £25 commission. On the whole, I think it is probably well to give the commission. It comes to only about half what it would cost to do the bidding through a dealer, and is certainly safer. I am leaving it to Bill to decide after he has consulted one or two people of experience.

You will no doubt have decided before now whether you wish to keep the Gundoberga ringBZ.1937.28. or let the British Museum have it at a profit to you. It is of course a very important ring, but I do not personally find it irresistibly attractive. I am still suffering from the shock of No 460BZ.1947.15. having gone for £1120 & your having failed to get 455, 473 and other pets of mine.


R. T.

Associated People: Louis Metman; William Royall Tyler
Associated Artworks: BZ.1937.28; BZ.1947.15