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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, September 17, 1924

League of Nations

What accursed luck, dearest Mildred! I am so much grieved at missing you, and the thought that if the telephone had been in order you might have come to Antigny is unbearable.

Well, my few days there are over. Elisina and Bill went straight from Dijon to London, as Bill is going to Harrow on Fri. the 19th.See letter of July 18, 1924. I shall be here for the rest of the week and then return to Budapest.

I take it you are going to America almost at once. Please let me know your plans.The reason for the Blisses’ trip to America is unclear. During their stay, they met with their architect Lawrence Grant White, who sent a letter on December 5 to their ship, the SS Leviathan, on their return trip to Europe. The letter concerned preliminary plans for the Music Room addition, and Mildred Barnes Bliss sent a reply to White from the Leviathan on December 11. McKim, Mead & White Papers, New-York Historical Society, 396.

I saw something of BarclayColville Barclay (1869–1929), British minister to Sweden (1919–1924) and Hungary (1924–1928). before he left on leave. Lady B.Sarita Barclay, née Ward, daughter of the sculptor and explorer Herbert Ward. hasn’t yet come to Budapest. You can hardly imagine how remote one feels when one is there, and how far away the place seems when one gets away for a few days. But it’s a nut worth cracking, however hard, and I mean to master that crabbedrat of tongues.

Yours always
R. T.

Associated Places: Geneva [Genève] (Switzerland)