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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 18, 1936

Finance Ministry



It did me much good to get your letter last night, dearest Mildred. I believe you are right that there may be potential good in this business for Bill. He has a strong constitution apart from this one thing, and he should soon recover his health—and then we’ll see.

I’ll let you know how he progresses, of course. How I wish I might see you again before you sail! But it can’t be. I’m busy here these days, and can’t leave.

Elisina will go to Paris to meet Bill, and future movements will be determined by what SmolizanskiDr. Léon Smolizanski (1882–1944), author of L'albumine dans les crachats des tuberculeux (Paris: Jouve, 1911). advises. He was extremely good with Bill on the earlier occasion, and we all have confidence in him.

Well, my report should be polished off today, and the Bastard from BaselTyler refers to this representative of the Bank for International Settlements as the “Blighter from Bâle” in the letter of April 11, 1936. too, and the next trial—the rep. of the Anglo-Amer. Standstill Ctee.The true name of this committee is not known.—doesn’t get here till tomorrow.

I long to hear how you’ve fared in Rome, and what impression the Roman VIII-IX cent. mosaics made on you.

It strikes me as absurd, now and then, to go on patiently howing [sic] one’s little patch, when a landslide may be about to obliterate the landscape—but then, if one ceased to hoe, and the landslide didn’t happen, how foolish one would feel.

Much love, dearest Mildred. It’s sore to think how long it is likely to be before I see you again.

Fondest love,

R. T.

Associated People: William Royall Tyler
Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)