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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes, September 19, 1904

Burlington Hotel.Burlington Hotel, 30 Old Burlington Street in Westminster, London. W.


Dear Mildred.

I received your telegram just as I was leaving Birr,Birr Castle, in County Offaly (formerly King’s County), Republic of Ireland, has been the seat of the Parsonses, the earls of Rosse, since 1620. but would have left the next day anyway, as Lady MurielLady Muriel Frances Mary Parsons (1876–1927). goes to Scotland. The Claridge’sClaridge's, a luxury hotel in Mayfair, central London. people never sent me your note till I telephoned this morning, and then I had to do so twice.

Will you come to Ranelagh Ranelagh, a popular resort by the Thames at Chelsea Bridge in London. Its gardens were laid out by Richard Jones, 1st Earl of Ranelagh (1641–1712); they were redesigned by John Gibson in the nineteenth century when they became the property of Chelsea Hospital. Ranelagh is the site of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. with me today or tomorrow afternoon? We might have tea there. I have absolutely nothing to do here. There isn’t a soul that I know of, so I am here absolutely at your disposal whenever you care to play with me, or give me any thing to do for you. The day is so lovely that it might be nice at Ranelagh, and there’ll be no one there, probably not a soul. We might start after lunch if you will. Let me know if you can and when and I’ll appear with a hansom.

Yrs. sincerely

Royall Tyler.

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