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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, September 19, 1946

Palais des Nations



Dearest Mildred—I lunched yesterday with the Pidet-Golaz,Marcel Pilet-Golaz (1889–1958), a Swiss politician. He married Mathilde Golaz in 1915. who told me they had met you when they were over there a couple of months ago. And they said they had understood you and Robert were planning to come over early this autumn! Is it true?The Blisses did not travel to Europe in 1946. Do let me know. This time of year brings back the anniversary of your last few hours here, and Bobby’s brief visit a bit later, and I’ve been wondering, thirstingly, whether there might not be something in store for 1946. You may imagine how the Pidet’s smash set me a-gog. So tell me quickly what the prospects are, please.

I had a regular four-ring circus here with the UNRRA Fifth Council.The Fifth Council of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) began on August 2, 1946, in Geneva. The UNRRA was an international relief agency representing forty-four nations. Founded in 1943 by U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it became part of the United Nations in 1945. Its purpose was to provide relief to the victims of war in any area under the control of any of the forty-four nations through the provision of food, fuel, clothing, shelter, and medical and other essential services. From June 25, when London first called me up asking me to start inquiries as to whether it could be done, until I shipped the last of the personnel off only ten days ago, it was one whirl. The party brought upwards of one thousand ladies to this poor joint. I don’t believe such a conference has ever been arranged for in so short a time.

In spite of the sweat, I wouldn’t have missed it. People had been telling me I ought to go to UNRRA Washn & London & get acquainted. As I wasn’t sent for, I never did go, and I’m glad I didn’t, for I had the whole works presented to me here, and in circumstances in which I could be of some use to the outfit, instead of turning up at HQ unbidden & plucking at the sleeves of people who didn’t want to see me. ¡Que corazón más sano tengo!“That I have a healthier heart!” I’m tempted to say.

Well, now it’s all over, but the labor continues. The brain-drain is heavier than ever, and will no doubt go on during the liquidation period at such a rate that I shall not be able to take more leave than I have these last years—6 days, in all since this time in 1942. However, I thrive on it—if I could only see you shortly and faire le point.“Update.” Lovely world, isn’t it?

Bless you, dearest Mildred, and my love to you & Robert & write at once, please, please (see me underlining!!)



Associated Places: Geneva [Genève] (Switzerland)