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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 21, 1913


April 21st 1913.Monday.

Dear Mildred,

I feel I must apologise for my irrepressible acquaintance, and explain not why, but how a book was sent to me via you, and in your official capacity.

The book was a book of poems written by a callow youth whom I met in Rome, and who had come to Paris armed with a letter of introduction to you or Robert, which he had been too shy to present. He asked me if I knew you, and I said I could never forget you. No doubt it was at this point that the mantle slipped. I found him so echt-deutsch-ish“True German-ish.” and so WeiningerishProbably a reference to Otto Weininger (1880–1903), an Austrian philosopher who in 1903 published the book Geschlecht und Charakter (Sex and Character), which gained popularity after his suicide. in his views—he had been in Munich for two winters,—that I eventually “went” so to speak, before I actually left. His name is Jamieson,Jamieson has not been identified. and he was at such pains to hide his profession and occupation, that I partly guessed he must be a poet, though I concealed my sprouting thoughts carefully. No doubt he imagined, when he sent the book, that I should be a prey to intense ashtonishment, as my sister used to say in nursery-days.

Mr. Jamieson seems anxious to conceal his thereabouts [sic] but I am sending a note of thanks all the same.

That dear creature Cole has been here for two days, and is coming back before long. When he comes, do let us show him to Robert. He is a little wiser and sadder, but I think his condition more wholesome now than last year. The Lowest Common Denominator of young fools, Lillian,Lillian (“Billy,” “The Bug”) Shelley, would-be actress, singer, and model. See Martyn Downer, The Sultan of Zanzibar: The Bizarre World and Spectacular Hoaxes of Horace de Vere Cole (London: Black Spring Press, 2010), 157–64.—seems to have passed away safely from him. I hope it is true.

My and our love to you both.

Yours always most truly


Associated People: Horace Cole; Linetta Richardson
Associated Places: Paris (France)