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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 21, 1947


21 August 1947

Dear Robert.

Many thanks for your letter of 12 August, which I found here yesterday on my return from a 3 ½ day’s visit to Antigny—my first since Jan. 1940!

I was much distressed to hear of Mildred’s violent reaction to that shot, and the consequent changes in your plans. However, I note that you expect to be in London on 16 Sept., and I also hope to be there that day. I’m not yet sure of my address—I’ll try to have a letter waiting for you on the “Queen Mary”RMS Queen Mary, an ocean liner that sailed primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean between 1936 and 1967 for the Cunard Line (known as Cunard-White Star Line when the vessel entered service). with further information. I leave London again on Sept. 19. But I expect to be in Paris in Nov., so I trust we shall be able to foregather, in both places.

I’m glad to see you’re allowing yourself a fortnight at Istanbul, and 6 days at Athens. Do try & get to Saloniki, if you possibly can. Anyway, you’ll see St. Luke in Phocis,Hosios Loukas, a walled monastery near the town of Distomo in Boeotia, Greece. The cathedral church (katholikon) (1011–1012) has the best preserved complex of mosaics from the period of the Macedonian Renaissance (867–1056). won’t you? And DaphniDaphní, a monastery outside of Athens whose principal church (katholikon) of the eleventh century has the best preserved complex of mosaics from the early Comnenan period (ca. 1100). is near by.

You’d hardly be able to do both Saloniki and MistraMistra (Mystras), a fortified Byzantine town in the Greek Peloponnesus. It served as the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, when it experienced prosperity and artistic excellence.—I’d strongly advise Saloniki, if the choice has to be made. Well—I grieve sorely not to be able to be with you there.

Much love to you both