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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, June 21, 1930

Grand Hotel Hungária

I was delighted, dearest Mildred, to hear that you were reprieved till July 4th.See telegram of June 20, 1930.

My wireSee telegram of June 19, 1930. about the birdsThe object with birds has not been identified. was of course on the assumption that you were leaving Paris for good on the 20th, and I wanted to know your decision in case, if it were negative, a prospect emerged of finding a home for the birds elsewhere.

As it is, there’s no hurry—all I ask is that you should let me know before you leave.

The position here is very interesting: I only wish it had waited to ripen until after your departure. However, I count on getting back to Paris before you go.

The heat is tremendous, and Bootler bootles.

I’ve been interested in watching the evolution of Elisina’s feelings about Mrs. J. Q.Mrs. Josiah Quincy. After Royall Tyler’s mother died in 1904, her second husband, Josiah Huntington Quincy, married Mary Honey in 1905.—until my interest was overcome by a horrible feeling of apprehension lest Elisina make a pet of the lady.

Fettich is keeping a very rich grave on ice—at a place 5 hrs. from here—in case I can get away for a day to see it opened. It has been tapped only, so far, like a melon, and it tastes good.

Much love, dearest Mildred.

R. T.

Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary); Paris (France)