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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, June 21, 1940

Geneva 21.VI.40

I must send you a line by this post, dearest Mildred, which may be an opportunity that won’t recur.

You had my cable, probably, about Matilda.Matilda Gay, wife of the artist Walter Gay. I’m without news from Elisina . Think, she was here last week for 3 days, but returned just this day week to Antigny, feeling she could not abandon the place, her refugees and war work. And now - - The last I heard was on Sunday, the 16th, when I was able to get through to the Préfet“Prefect.” at Dijon. He had seen her the day before. My only plan is to stay here in the hope of getting into touch with her, and then, if it can be done, to try to get to the USA.

In all this, it’s a comfort to think of Bill and his over there, and near you. From all I hear, he has been doing splendidly. May he stick to his own job, now that he has found it.

I had a letter from Doro not long ago. I beg you not to forget him. I know you’ve done much for him, and I’m deeply grateful. But I beg again—

I’m in hopes that all the Venice enamel photos. will get through to you. I’ve paid for them all. What will now happen to our Vol. Ill,L’art byzantin. The third volume would not be published. which was all set to come out?—and the rest?

The messenger is here to take this—I embrace you fondly, dearest one, and Robert too. Haut les coeurs,“Have courage.” we’ll meet again.


R. T.