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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, June 21, 1947

June 21, 1947

Royall Tyler, Esquire

Hotel Richemond


Dear Royall,

This is a very hurried letter written on the eve of our departure for Santa Barbara where we plan to spend six weeks before sailing for Europe on the S.S. “Mauretania,”RMS Mauretania, a passenger ocean liner launched in 1938 and owned by the Cunard White Star company. August 22nd. In all probability we shall spend about a week or ten days in London; then fly to Stockholm for a few days and thence to Paris, which should bring us there, let us say, about the 15th of September.

Please write us to “El Mirasol,” Santa Barbara, California,El Mirasol Hotel, the former Santa Barbara, California, estate of Adele and Albert Herter, which they acquired in 1904. The 4.6-acre estate filled an entire city block and contained a mansion surrounded by gardens. In 1914, the estate was renovated and converted into the El Mirasol Hotel, which included an expansion of the mansion and the addition of fifteen luxury bungalows around the gardens. In 1920, the property was acquired by the hotelier and attorney Frederick C. Cliff, and under successive owners it became primarily a retirement home for the wealthy elderly. letting us know what your plans are. We must surely see you and I hope it can be in Paris. Incidentally, we are going on eventually to Istanbul to see the Santa Sofia and all the rest of the great Byzantine monuments in that city. Couldn’t you arrange to go with us?!?!!

Much love,



I had deposited to your order with Morgan’sMorgan, Grenfell & Co., an investment bank in London. In 1904, Edward Grenfell was made a partner in the firm, which was formerly known as J. P. Morgan & Co. and which, in 1909, becameMorgan, Grenfell and Company. The bank played an important role in the reconstruction of European countries in the 1920s. a short time ago the equivalent of Swiss Frs. 2,024.40 to reimburse you for your outlay in sending the maid to Betsy. I hope the amount coincides with what you expended but I never know when one gets a Bank to do a transaction, how much they are going to snip off for themselves, so if it is not right, please let me know.

Associated People: Bettine Tyler