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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, March 21, 1936

22, rue Barbet de Jouy

Paris, VIII

March 21st, 1936.

Dear Royall,

Thank you very much for your letter written the day we left Prague. Mildred stood the journey very well, and arrived here in sun-bathed Paris. The weather has continued ideal, so she has been out for a short time each day and is progressing favourably.

Many thanks also for M.’sLászló (Ladislaus) Mautner (active 1926–1939), a Hungarian art dealer in Budapest who today is infamous as a dealer of faked art works. receipt.The receipt was for BZ.1936.27–28, BZ.1936.29, and BZ.1936.30. I am glad to know where the braceletBZ.1936.30. came from, and also what you say about the birds.BZ.1936.27–28.

Speaking of fowls, I am sending you under separate cover a photograph of the iron bird.This iron bird has not been identified. It was in the collection on Prince Alfred Antonin Juritzky (1887–1961), an artist and art collector, and was eventually acquired by Hayford Peirce. See letter of May 26, 1936. Mildred and I have decided not to purchase it, so you can send the photograph on, if you like, to Hayford. The owner asks 2700 Austrian schillings for it. If Hayford wants it, he should communicate with Adolfo Loewi, San Trovase 960, Venice.

We have bought from Loewi the Byzantine textile.BZ.1936.50.

Your Sunday visit not only gave us the greatest pleasure, but I think it did Mildred a world of good to see you.

Our love to you both.


Associated People: Adolph Loewi ; Hayford Peirce
Associated Places: Paris (France)
Associated Artworks: BZ.1936.27-28; BZ.1936.29; BZ.1936.30; BZ.1936.50