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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, October 21, 1937 [2]

74 Portland Place



Dear Robert.

Again about the rings:Édouard Guilhou, a Parisian Collector. Catalogue of the Superb Collection of Rings Formed by the Late Monseiur E. Guilhou, of Paris, Comprising Rings of the Classical Period, Including Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Rings, Rings of the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Times . . . Which will be Sold by Auction . . . on Tuesday, the 9th of November 1937, and Three Following Days (London: Sotheby and Co, 1937). if you wish to wander from the Byz. Faith (which I rather hope you don’t) I feel I should point out to you:

No 618. The Jean Sans-Peur ring,The ring of Jean Sans-Peur, Duke of Burgundy, who was assassinated in 1419. The ring was found in 1792 in his tomb. which Sothebys think will fetch at least £500, & perhaps over £1000.

No. 31, a very attractive Assyr. Lapis cylinder in an Egypt. mount—the cylinder is particularly interesting, as it has engraved on it not only the lion & antelope, but, on the other side, a completely bilobed entrelacs,“Tracery.” of the type which FritzRoyall Tyler’s slang for “Germans.” always pretended was first invented by his Nordics. (Prob. only £30 to 40)

No. 39. Magnificent Mycenean ring, & very attractive—Sotheby’s think about £50 to 65.

Remember please that Nos 31 & 39 are on the first day of the sale, 9 Nov., and that as Bill has to be in the city all day, he needs a bit more time than he otherwise would to consult with Sothebys (or) give them instructions.

He will expect to hear from you—& it will have to be by cable or ‘phone—you won’t have time to do it by letter.

Much love to you both

Yr s

R. T.