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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, December 22, 1945

Monsieur Royall Tyler,

Hotel Richemond,

Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Royall:

If I have seemed dilatory in responding to the request you made of me at our, for me, delightful visit together during my trip in Europe, as regards investments, I hope you will pardon my not having written sooner.

It has been my intention to consult my secretary in New York, as well as my lawyer, in regard to the matter, as soon as I could see them after my return from abroad.

Mildred and I did go up to New York in the middle of November, but were obliged to return after 48 hours because of the unexpected death of one of your friends here—Dwight Davis.Dwight Filley Davis (1879–1945), an American tennis player and politician, best remembered as the founder of the Davis Cup international tennis competition. He died on November 28, 1945. I did not return to New York again until last week. The enclosed letter together with its enclosure,The whereabouts of this enclosure are unknown. I hope will be of some help in solving your problem.

There is much that I should like to add to this letter, but it is written in great haste and so I shall confine myself to merely sending to you and Elisina fond thoughts for Christmas and New Year’s love.

Yours always,


Associated Places: Geneva [Genève] (Switzerland)