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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes, May 23, 1907

55, Rue de Verneuil

May 23rd 1907

Dear Mildred.

Your cablegram arrived on Monday, and did not take me very much by surprise, as I had had a very vivid dream in which you made your appearance a few nights before, and was absolutely certain that I should soon hear from you.

I have been breathlessly awaiting a letter. Why Brussels?Robert Woods Bliss had been appointed secretary of the U.S. legation in Brussels on January 10, 1907. Where afterwards? When Paris? ect ect [sic]?. I cannot possibly move from Paris until nearly the end of June, as my examination comes off then, and with the delay my Barcelona outburst caused, I have my hands full, and am working harder than I ever have before. The sensation is not unpleasant, but I begin to wonder how I ever imagined I worked at Oxford, or elsewhere.

Please let me know your plans as soon as may be. And do try to be in some quiet place in the country some time in the summer, where I can come and tell you about things—and listen.

I am thinking of going to Spain of course. Could you not in the Autumn? My school does not begin again till November, and if I pass my examination now I shall be free until then.

Yours sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated Places: Paris (France)