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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 23, 1938



Dear Robert.

I’ve just had (with huge delay) the enclosed from MakridyTheodore Makridy (Macridy) (1872–1940), a Turkish archaeologist and curator who was the founding director of the Benaki Museum in Athens (1931–1940); he was the former keeper (1872–1931) of the Greek and Byzantine department and the assistant director (1925–1930) of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. (Keeper of the Benaki Mus. Athens).TheBenaki Museum, Athens, a museum established and endowed in 1930 by the Greek collector Antonis Benakis (1873–1954) and housed in the Benakis family mansion in Athens.

Tho’ the photos are putrid, those 2 ringsThese rings have not been identified. look damn good to me. Honestly, I couldn’t conceal that from Makridy. But I did say it was impossible to judge fr. the photos. If the Benaki Mus. doesn’t take ‘em, & they are offered to me, would you like to take ‘em? I think it would be well worth giving to £400 for the two.

I don’t care much for the bronze cross.This cross has not been identified. The silver medallionThis medallion has not been identified. is bad. The only thing I like about the cross, besides its outline, is the inscription, which looks good.

Please let me know your wishes about the rings.

You’ll appreciate that the ringThis ring has not been identified. appearing alone on a photo (S. Nicholas) is not for sale. It belongs to Benaki.

I see with alarm that there’s been a hurricane off the New England coast. Poor Betsy & brat!Royall Tyler (b. 1936), the first child of Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler, was born in London. After earning a BA in Far Eastern Languages from Harvard University and a PhD in Japanese literature from Columbia University, he became a scholar and translator of Japanese literature. He presently lives in Australia in New South Wales. She’s a bad sailor.

Much love to you both

R. T.