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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 24, 1916


April 24th 1916Monday.

Mildred Dearest,

You and Robert have done for me what no one else in the world could ever have done,Mildred Bliss had offered to pay Gerard's tuition to Eton in the event that Grant Richards removed his son for financial reasons, an offer Elisina Tyler accepted. Mildred Bliss would pay £210 of the £250 annual tuition. See letter of March 2, 1916. and it is quite useless for me to try and tell you what I feel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Royall and Gerard and I want to ask one more favour of you both—that you will accept the fish-bowlBZ.X.13. as a constant remembrance of the immense happiness you have shed in our lives, for each one in different ways according to our particular needs.

Please come on Wednesday, will you? at five o’clock or after, as it suits you. I hope to go on Thursday for 3 days to the country, as I need a three days’ nap. It is so dear of you to suggest the day, as it saves one a certain number of hours of uncertainty.

I think that if you and Robert have no objection, it would be best in future if the amount were paid by the F.L. & T.Probably “Federal Loan and Trust.” to Wainwright direct. It will save unnecessary delay and possible danger of loss in these troublous times. How could I mind Robert’s name figuring in this? I am glad to owe him as much gratitude as I owe you.

Mildred, you are a miraculous person. Never never doubt that I have seen the light in that respect. I can never hope to repay you, but all I am and stand for is yours absolutely.

Ever your devoted


Associated Places: Paris (France)
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