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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, March 24, 1912


March 24th 1912Sunday.

Dear Mildred,

We are calling on your hotel in the hope that by sympathetic magic it may hasten your arrival! We will call again tomorrow (Monday) at 5.30 in the hope that the magic may have worked.

The day when we meet will be a great day for me, and I look forward so much to having a real image of you in my mind smiling to receive all the affection I have been garnering up for nearly two years!—

Welcome—whenever you come,—both to you and to Robert.

Yours always sincerely,


You have always addressed me by Grant Richards’ name, and quite reasonably. But if you don’t mind perpetrating an inaccuracy, will you use Royall’s name in future? All my friends have done so, one by one, and it is certainly much nearer the truth by every standard except strict legality—according to the laws of one small island on the broad face of the earth. I would make practically any sacrifice to encompass the legal ability to bear Royall’s name; and in the present circumstances it would merely accentuate a superficial destinction [sic], and feed the maw of heartless gossips if I retained my old name and challenged curiosity by it. But if you have a nicer feeling for accuracy in detail and prefer to go on using it,—do, and I will say “the King can do no wrong”The legal maxim: Rex non potest peccare.

Associated Places: Paris (France)