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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, February 25, 1938 [2]

February 25, 1938.

Royall Tyler, Esq.,

Finance Ministry,

Budapest, Hungary.

Dear Royall:

(see penciled addition)

To return for a moment to the chalice, if you found it hard to put a price on it I really feelCrossed out from “To return” to “feel.”

The above has been written in haste with many interruptions & an hiatus for lunch & a 2 hr board meeting—and I must now gallop to a close so as to put this in the mail to catch the Normandie which sails tomorrow am. In so doing I must reiterate our delight at the prospect of seeing you at Dumbarton Oaks in May to add our congratulations on the termination of the Hungarian chapter with the brilliant results you obtained & the respect & regard of the whole of Hungary—really distinguished & difficult accomplishment. In simple words, you’ve done a swell job! Also let me say again how much we deplore the reason which induces you to offer the chaliceBZ.1955.18. to us. With your new undertaking you can see it often and long.

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