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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, January 25, 1927

par Arnay-le-Duc
(Côte d’Or)
January 25th, 1927Tuesday.

Dearest Mildred,

I find here the sumptuous photographs of your lovely paten, and I want to tell you how thoroughly I admire them, and how warmly I appreciate your kindness in having them taken, and sending them to Antigny.

There was no time for leisurely correspondence during our journey, and the leisure I had looked for on the boat was all taken up by trying to keep one’s physical balance. Those nice Italian boats do not seem to carry cargo of any sort, and they roll and pitch with zest.

I feel we bit deep into Egypt, in spite of the briefness of our visit. This was accomplished partly by resolutely eschewing all social intercourse, and even denying ourselves the pleasure of going to see Lady Lloyd,Blanche Isabella Lloyd (née Lascelles) (1880–1969) was the wife of George Ambrose Lloyd, 1st Baron Lloyd (1879–1941). George Lloyd served as British high commissioner to Egypt between 1925 and 1929. who is Helen Maclagan’sHelen Elizabeth Maclagan (née Lascelles) (1879–1942), the wife of Sir Eric Maclagan. sister. We enjoyed our visit to the FirthsCecil Mallaby Firth (1878–1931), a British Egyptologist who worked on the excavation of the Step Pyramid complex of Djoser and who was appointed chief inspector of Saqqara in 1927 by the Egyptian Antiquities Service. See letter of January 13, 1927. at Sakkara immensely. It was very interesting to go over the excavations with Cecil Firth. I suppose you know Egypt. I almost wish you did not, so that you might have that wonderful experience before you.

The TutankhamonTutankhamun (ca. 1341–1323 BCE), an Egyptian pharaoh of the New Kingdom Eighteenth Dynasty. His nearly intact tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter (1874–1939). stuff is marvellous, but not often beautiful. An immense interest accrues to it from the fact that it is the only Kings’ Tomb found intact. I think Luxor and Karnak both very rank indeed, and nothing in them can compare to the pure lordly beauty of the earlier—Old Empire—stuff. It gives one a shock to remember how much delicate and witting work was done on small objects in the XVIIIth and XlXth dynasties,The New Kingdom Eighteenth Dynasty, ca. 1850–ca. 1292 BCE, and Nineteenth Dynasty, ca. 1292–1187 BCE. when those misshapen architectural conceptions down you on all sides.

Your Burgundian enjoyed himself immensely. He is ripening very fast, yet he still looks very like an early peach! He has left me to-day, and I am very heavy-hearted about it.

Royall has told you all about Aboucassem, so I will not repeat what he said. I wish you could secure the candlesticks.Pair of Lampstands, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, acc. no. 57.634-635. They are of so rare a quality, that it is felt at once, even though we have no terms of comparison except distant links in the same chain.

Hayford stayed behind to study more thoroughly the Museums at Cairo, and to collect material for the fund of “documentation” which he and Royall share.

I hope to be in Budapest on the 1st of February.

The news of Antigny are that the Chapel is clean inside and safe from destruction, that the Tower is roofless,See letter of September 5, 1923. that the chickens are laying nicely, that the ducks are beautiful to behold, and the guinea-hens too; that the whole country-side, under snow, in clear sunshine, is a wonderful background to the sun-bathed court which you remember, and which lovingly remembers you.

My best love to Robert, and to you my best love and most affectionate messages.


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