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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, October 25, 1910

8 Rue de la Barouillère, 6e


Oct. 25th 1910Tuesday.

Dear Mildred.

On Oct. 17 our son, William Royall Tyler, was born, and your letterThis is probably the letter of September 25, 1910. came two days later, and added to our joy. It is a splendid baby, over 10 lbs. in weight, and in perfect condition. Elisina is also doing well. We are both very happy that you will be God-mother. The God-father is Lyulph Howard whom you will remember, and as he isn’t a Catholic either, if the Church won’t have you, we’ll have to do without the Church.See letter of September 25, 1910. Mildred Bliss worried about the "irregularity of my being sponsor. Although I was baptised by 3 protestant denominations (!), I have never been confirmed in any church. . . . I should be bitterly disappointed if any dogmatic narrowness were to prevent me from sharing in a traditional service." Elisina thinks that the denomination that objects to you is far from being complete, and I agree with her.

I ought to have written you before this, but there has been much to do these days, and even now I have no time. I will write to you again soon. In the meantime it is good to hear that you will be here next autumn, and to have some hope that your next post won’t be so far away.

There seems to be no immediate hope of our being able to marry. G.R. is as firm in his decision as ever. About his affairs I can tell you nothing more than that he is still publishing. On what terms I don’t know. I believe with you that he’ll turn the corner. Though he has stoutly denied it since, it was foretold him that he’d have a fearful crisis in his life at this time, but that he’d weather it and be all the better.

Elisina and I both feel that if you wish to speak of us to any friend of yours—your family certainly—you should do so—while recommending discretion. We are anxious that there should be as little gossiping scandal as possible, and that the true state of affairs should be discovered quietly through people who know and are not guessing.

It is very good—and touches me much—to hear that Robert shares your attitudeSee letter of September 17, 1910: "Robert and I want you both tho know that [the baby] shall have our united interest and willingness to help (double guardianship) whenever it may need us."—please give him my love. Elisina will write to you when she can sit up.

Yours sincerely

Royall Tyler.

Associated Places: Paris (France)