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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 26, 1925

par Arnay-le-Duc
(Côte d’Or)
April 26th 1925Sunday.

Dearest Mildred,

The Bourguignon is coming up a day earlier in the hope of seeing you and Robert, if you can see him on Saturday next the 2nd at any time after three o’clock. His train leaves Dijon at 10.15 and reaches Paris at 2.40. He will be staying with Mrs. Carter,Alice Morgan Carter (1865–1933), wife of John Ridgely Carter. 12 rue François Premier, and he could come to you at any time you could spare for him—on Saturday.William Royall Tyler's train was late arriving in Paris, and the Blisses missed him; see letter of May 3, 1925. He is due at Harrow on Monday, 4th, so he will travel to London on Sunday.

Royall was so very sad at going back to Budapest before you reached Paris, but his chief is away and he is in charge, so there was no help for it.

I am going to Hungary on the 7th or 8th of May, but I will come up to Paris on the 5th, and hope so much to catch a glimpse of you both on the 6th. I am so sorry to have to be so definite about dates, but there is no help as it isn’t easy to get reservation on limited trains, I find, and more people want to travel than the companies like to carry.

I hear from Edith that you had thought of going South—Antigny would lie on your road. In any case perhaps I shall have the joy of showing you this place? Do please let me guess at your plans!

Mine are to stay in Budapest till the end of May, then to go with Royall to Sir Arthur Salter for the Financial CommitteeThe League of Nations Financial Committee consisted of officials approved by the British, French, and Belgian finance ministries, central bankers, prominent businessmen, and private bankers from Switzerland and Holland. and CouncilThe League of Nations Council was the executive body that directed the assembly’s business. It began with four permanent members (Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan) and four non-permanent members that were elected by the assembly for a three-year term. Meeting of the LeagueLeague of Nations. at Geneva on June 3rd and to stay there about a week, so that I should be here about June 10th again.

I do so hope you are quite well and that all your past sufferings are long forgotten! Dear Gioia was in Constantinople with the LindsaysElizabeth and Ronald Lindsay. Sir Ronald Charles Lindsay (1877–1945) was a British civil servant and diplomat who was appointed minister to Turkey in 1925. He married his second wife, Elizabeth (née Elizabeth Sherman Hoyt), in 1924. for a very pleasant visit, and on her return to London engaged herself to a very nice youth I have known for years, called Tommy Owtram. Both Royall and I are very glad, and feel that her choice will make for happiness in the true sense to both of them.

My best love to Robert.

And to you, dearest Mildred, my very very fondest love.

Yours ever,