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Mildred Barnes Bliss to Royall Tyler, July 26, 1932

274 Broadview AvenueThe owner of this house has not been identified.
New Rochelle, New York
July 26, 1932Tuesday.

Forgive, dearest Royall, a typewritten letter that will be brief and totally devoid of interest, but before sailing back to Buenos Aires on Saturday, when six more weeks will be necessary to reach you, I want to acknowledge all your delightful letters, the last one of which came on the 11th of July with the photographs. I will write you at length on the steamer, a letter the reason of which will probably capsize you;If preserved, the whereabouts of this letter is unknown. Royall Tyler acknowledges receiving the letter, written on the Eastern Prince, in his letter of October 1, 1932, but that letter does not explain Mildred Barnes Bliss’s statement: “the reason of which will probably capsize you.” The topic may be the Blisses’ intention to give Dumbarton Oaks to Harvard University, a proposal that was first made to President Lowell on March 10, 1932. See Paul Sachs to Mildred Barnes Bliss and Robert Woods Bliss, March 10, 1932, and Robert Woods Bliss to Paul Sachs, March 28, 1932, Dumbarton Oaks History files, Paul Sachs folder, Dumbarton Oaks Archives. but meantime this is to tell you that Robert and I subscribe unreservedly to your suggestions regarding the Byzantine Library,See letter of May 15, 1932. to which I will refer in detail later, and also to let you know that Buenos Aires will become headquarters again until further notice.

Mother is surprisingly better but an invalid, of course, and I find it very difficult to put eighteen days between us again.

There is an upward trend here, very slight at present but which I believe will increase. I do not think it healthy because it is artificially induced for election purposes, and I fancy that next year there will be another let-down, but the next three months I think will not see any major catastrophe. I hope you feel that Germany is not going to shipwreck Europe. It seems to me that she will “squeak” through, and I am beginning to wonder if recapturing her African colonies is not to be her next move.German East Africa, German South-West Africa, and German South Africa were colonies settled and controlled by the German Empire between 1884 and 1919.

I know what a strain you are under, my dear, and wonder whether we shall not be decrepit old things when we next meet.

Dear love to Elisina and my Bourguignon.


Royall Tyler, Esquire
Finance Ministry
Budapest, Hungary