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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, May 26, 1936

Finance Ministry



I’ve just heard, dearest Mildred, that Betsy is going to have a child. You may imagine that the news move me, and I want to let you know at once, though I imagine that Bill will also tell you as soon as Betsy’s feelings on the subject will allow.

I spent a couple of days with them at Viareggio on my way back here, and found Bill well-balanced and cheerful, and lapping up the rest, the air and the Italian scene. He had put on 1 kg. in the week he had been there when I arrived. Elisina has just been there now, and she writes that Bill is looking much better and is progressing altogether satisfactorily.

In a few days they are to return to Paris to see the doctor again, and then at once to Antigny, for the summer.

I hardly dare breathe it, but at present it looks as if Bill were in a good way to overcome this trouble. The Guaranty Trust head in London told a friend of mine last week that they had a plan for transferring Bill to London. In many ways he’d prefer Paris, but London is more interesting professionally, of course—and as Robert said in his last letter to me, it’s pretty clear that Wall St. is not for him.

It’s grievous to have you so far away again, dearest Mildred. I long to resume, just where we left off.

Much love to you both

R. T.

Hayford has bought ($450) the Juritzky Lombard iron bird,This iron bird has not been identified. It is mentioned in correspondence from Antonin Juritzky to Robert Woods Bliss, dated March 4, 1936, in the Byzantine Collection, Juritzky correspondence file. and it is standing on my chimney piece now.