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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, October 27, 1936

Hôtel Beau-Rivage



I’ve had some unattractive jobs pushed at me, dearest Mildred, but—what do you say to an appeal to go and try to right the finances of the “legal Govt. of Spain”? I needn’t reside at Madrid; I might live (je te crois“I believe.”) at a city on the Coast.

I like adventurous jobs, as a rule, but there are limits.

Have you seen the last—and doubtless final—volume of A. E. Housman’sAlfred Edward Housman (A. E. Housman) (1859–1936), an English poet, best known for his cycle of poems entitled A Shropshire Lad. poems, “More Poems”A. E. Housman, More Poems (London: Jonathan Cape, 1936). (Jonathan Cape). Hardly, I suppose, as it was only issued yesterday. But do get it. There are some wonders—and some very poor ones. But this:

Ho! Everyone that thirsteth,
and hath the price to give,
come to the stolen waters,
drink, and your soul shall live!

Come to the Stolen Waters,
and leap the guarded pale,
and pluck the flower in season
before desire shall fail.

It shall not last forever,
no more than earth or skies,
but he who drinks in season,
shall live before he dies.

June suns, you cannot store them,
to warm the winter’s cold,
the lad that hopes for heaven,
shall fill his mouth with mould.

Poor Housman, if I’m not mistaken, this is a cry of regret for not having jumped the guarded pale himself.

Good news of Bill and Betsy. The eventThe birth of Matilda Eve Tyler (b. 1939). is looked for towards the first of Dec.

Hayford’s poor old fatherMellen Chamberlain Peirce (1847–1936), was born in Bangor, Maine, and lived there almost all of his life. Early in his life, he was in the wholesale hardware and grocery business. In 1882, he married Anna Hayford (1856–1928), the daughter of William B. and Laura Hayford. After Hayford’s death in 1887, he managed the timberlands and business property of the Hayford estate. He was also a director and officer of the Dirigo Ice Company of Bangor. Mellen and Anna Peirce had three children:  Ada Peirce McCormick (1888–1974), a social activist and philanthropist; Hayford; and Waldo Peirce (1884–1970), a painter. died the other day. He will now be kept pretty busy with the winding up of the estate, but when that’s done he should be able to get over here more than he has lately, and especially be able to give much more time to Byz.L’art byzantin. at home.

Much love to you both, dearest Mildred.

R. T.

I return to Pest in a couple of days

P.S. You’ve perhaps seen how the RostMeinoud Marinus Rost van Tonningen (1894–1945), a Dutch politician of the National Socialist Movement. He represented the League of Nations in Vienna between 1923 and 1928 and between 1931 and 1936, when he monitored Austria’s financial policy. While in Vienna, he developed strong anti-Semitic and anti-Communist convictions. affair was settled.

No one to reside in Austria, but the Fin. Section here to continue to follow the Austr. question, and the Austr. Finance Minister and Gov. of the Nt. BankRudolf Neumayer (1887–1977) was minister of finance of Austria between 1936 and 1938, and Victor Kienböck (1873–1956) was governor (president) of the National Bank of Austria between 1932 and 1938. to report to the Cttee. at each meeting, and the section to publish reports. On reflection, I’m relieved that I wasn’t asked to do both. It would have been too dangerous a game for comfort.

Hungary, of course, is in a very different position from Austria—foreign debt unsettled. Until that’s done, (and it will take some doing) there appears to be no idea of making a change, not even on the Hunk“Hungarian.” side, which is nice of them. ArpadRoyall Tyler’s use of Arpad is probably meant to signify “Hungarian.” Tyler uses typical first names to indicate nationalities in later letters. See letter of October 27, 1939. The historical Árpád (ca. 840–ca. 907) was, according to the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos, the first head of the confederation of Hungarian tribes. is a very decent fellow, when once he knows and trusts you.

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