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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 28, 1933

Finance Ministry

Dear Robert,

Just before leaving Antigny, I got a telephone call from Geneva telling me that I would be wanted to go, as League representative, to the Conference of Balkan StatesThe fourth Balkan Conference (Conference Balkanique) was held in Thessaloniki on November 5–12, 1933. that is to meet at Saloniki about the 12th Sept. I shall probably have to leave here on the 8th or so. If you can come before then, it would be delightful. If Mildred is coming later, and you could both pay me a visit here, that also would be wonderful.

After Saloniki, I have a Financial CteeOn October 25, 1920, the League of Nations had appointed an Advisory Economic and Financial Committee composed of two sections of ten members each and tasked with “the working out of measures of an economic and financial nature which have been submitted for adoption by Members of the League in accordance with the Covenant of the League.” meeting in Geneva, and then—about end Sept., I expect to return here, & not to budge for some time.

I much enjoyed your stay with us at Antigny, & only wish it could have been longer.

R. T.

Associated People: Mildred Barnes Bliss
Associated Concepts: League of Nations