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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, July 28, 1947


28 July ‘47

Dear Robert.

I have delayed to answer your dear letter of 10 July, hoping to see my own movements a bit clearer, and to hear from you whether you will be landing in France or England. But as I want to make sure of getting a line to you before you sail, I send this.

I shall certainly manage to meet you while you are in London or Paris, preferably Paris, from my point of view, and it will help if you let me know dates as early as possible. As for my going with you to Istanbul, I only wish I could—but as you know, I shall just be entering in on my new job, and I doubt whether it would be wise for me to take any leave just then. An old codger like me has to watch his step if he wants to hold down a job for which many younger mouths are wide open.

It’s a bitter thing for me to think of you going to Constantinople without me, but I know you’ll understand.

You speak of arriving on the shores of the Bosporus late in Oct. I advise you strongly not to make it too late, for the weather often breaks there late in Oct., and it would greatly detract from your enjoyment if you didn’t have fine days for your visit.

Much love to you both