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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, November 28, 1937

Hotel Beau-Rivage


I’ve just heard via Bill, dearest Mildred, that you sailed on the 20th, and are presumably by now with Mrs. SchellingLucie Howe Draper Schelling, wife of Ernest Henry Schelling (1876–1939), an American pianist, composer, and conductor. at Lausanne. But where at Lausanne? I’ve just called up the Schelling number at Céligny,Céligny, a municipality in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. and there’s no answer. I do hope this reaches you promptly. I’m here for several days for a Fin. Ctee.Financial Committee of the League of Nations. meeting, and I hope that in a couple of days I may see my way more clearly, and if you can see me, go over to Lauzanne and fling my arms around your neck. I’m so very sorry you’ve had this blow in the mishap to the Schellings. I beg you call me up as soon as you get this. I’m also writing, in the hope of reaching you sooner.

Longing to see you,


R. T.