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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, September 28, 1950

September 28, 1950

Royall Tyler, Esquire

67 Rue de Lille67 rue de Lille, the former Hôtel Duret, constructed in 1872–1874 by David de Pénanrun. Beginning in January 1949, the building served as the Parisian headquarters of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Paris XVIe, France

Dear Royall,

Your letter of the 22nd has been forwarded to me here where I am ending up a short rest following the days in Santa Barbara. Thank you for giving a letter for us to your friend Count Gallarati Scotti.Don Lodovico Gallarati Scotti (1923–2013), an Italian aristocrat and lawyer who was Prince of Molfetta after 1966. I hope that he may spend some time in Washington and we may have the pleasure of seeing him and that he will be there after Mildred’s return. As you know, she has gone to England, where she only arrived yesterday, with plans to return in time to attend the unveiling of the John Dill statueField Marshal Sir John Greer Dill (1881–1944), a British commander in the First and Second World Wars. After his death in Washington, D.C., on November 4, 1944, he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Congress had decreed that he could be buried there because he had been the senior British member of the Allied combined chiefs of staff during the Second World War. Robert Woods Bliss headed a memorial committee to raise voluntary contributions from Americans. The monument project was initiated by General George C. Marshall, Admiral Ernest J. King, and General Henry H. Arnold, who had served with Dill on the Allied combined chiefs of staff. The bronze equestrian monument to Sir John Dill was created by Herbert Chevalier Haseltine (1877–1962), an Italian-born French-American sculptor. on November 1st. So her trip is a very short one.

Please give my love to Elisina and with many affectionate good wishes,

Yours always,


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